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SIGHTSEEING :: Riga City Tour

Riga City Tour - audio - guide Riga city sightseeing. Hop on hop off all day. Come and enjo sightseeing on both sides of the Daugava River in Riga on red double - decker busses. The excursion ticket is valid for 48 hours and during that time you can get on or off the bus as many times as you wish. The hop-om hop-off service offers a flexible opportunity to get to know historic and present day Ri...

SIGHTSEEING :: Lāči Bakery

Become a Baker of rye bread! Exciting enertainment and recreation possibilities in Lāči Bakery. An excellent chance to see and learn the secrets of baking real Latvian rye bread. • Bakery tour - baker expedition with the opportunity to bake your own loaf of bread or make some Lāči cookies;• Traditional Latvian style entertainment including a folk group entertainment;• ...


Sightseeing | Sigulda

Discover the natural touch of the Gauja National Park and enjoy a breathtaking  view across the ancient Gauja river valley. Turaida Castle, Gutman and Victor caves will tell you about the legend of Turaidas Roze.

The most popular historical objects and monuments of culture:
• Medieval Sigulda Castle – built by the Order of the Brethren of the Sword
• Sigulda New Castle – it was built as a living house for the manor owners  Kropotkins from 1878-1881
• Turaida Medieval Castle (1214) and Turaida Museum Reserve (1988)
• Krimulda Medieval Castle – it was built in classical style (1848)
• Painter’s hill – the hill offer a spectacular view and it is portrayed in the works of many painters
• Satesele Castle Mound – it was significant Gauja Liv fortification
• Devil’s Cave – similar to other sandstone outcroppings, this cliff was also formed over 300 million years ago