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SIGHTSEEING :: Riga City Tour

Riga City Tour - audio - guide Riga city sightseeing. Hop on hop off all day. Come and enjo sightseeing on both sides of the Daugava River in Riga on red double - decker busses. The excursion ticket is valid for 48 hours and during that time you can get on or off the bus as many times as you wish. The hop-om hop-off service offers a flexible opportunity to get to know historic and present day Ri...

SIGHTSEEING :: Lāči Bakery

Become a Baker of rye bread! Exciting enertainment and recreation possibilities in Lāči Bakery. An excellent chance to see and learn the secrets of baking real Latvian rye bread. • Bakery tour - baker expedition with the opportunity to bake your own loaf of bread or make some Lāči cookies;• Traditional Latvian style entertainment including a folk group entertainment;• ...


Sightseeing | Latgale - The District of Blue Lakes

The North Latgale invites you to enjoy its cultural – historical heritage and nature landscapes. Beauty is in every building, in every drop of lake water and in people smiles.
What is Latgale? It’s an ancient part of Latvia, almost a quarter of the whole country, where one third of the population of Latvija lives. Historically, Latgale was the region of Latvia from the River Daugava in the East to the borders of the Livian and Slavic tribes.
Balvi – it is an original beautiful and green provincial town in the Northeast of Latvia. Unique image of town is because of three lakes, stately one-time castle building and park, also Bear garden, where boulders of Latvia speak to us with their primeval loftiness;
Forest exposition of Anna Aze in Ziguri – observations related with forest and animals, hunting traditions, ancient and nowadays tools of forest-guards and foresters. Ramble in nature in accompaniment of environment guide;
Vilaka Lake with island - here are located Middle Age castle ruins;
Baltinava village – it’s a local history museum (Region history, craft and ethnography), Baltinava catholic church, Baltinava orthodox church, in Baltinava manor’s park there is partly retained sundial made in the 19th century (tree plantation in certain round) and lime-tree alley;
Karsava orthodox church – gorgeous wooden building with wide garden;
Malnava manor complex - included in list of Europe culture heritage objects – one of the largest and most beautiful manors in Ludza district, built in first part of 19th century;
Salnava manor built in second part of the 18th century in classicism style. In Salnava Manor Park you can see plantation of rare trees and alleys. There is Love stone in park centre – great stone with plane surface, also here is pictorial pond with two little islands;
Pusmucova Blessed Mary Annunciation Rome Catholic Church - typical Latgale country brick wall church of 19th century. The church with two bell towers is an original cultural and religion centre;
Ludza – ancient provincial town of Latgale with narrow streets and with wood houses, that is characteristic only for Latgale, with impressive castle ruins of Livonia order in the coast of lake, with many ancient Latgalians castle mounds and settlement places, ethnographical Latgalians farmsteads in Ludza museum exposition un church towers of various creeds;
Rezekne –  placed on seven hills, symbol of it – Latgale nationalist monument "United for Latvia", in demos so called Latgales Mara. Rezekne is called as heart of Latgale, because it is placed in a middle of region territory;
Rezekne Trinity Lutheran Church – built in 1938. Here you can see altar painting „Christ rescues drowning persons” made by A.Egle. There is a possibility to observe a panorama of Rezekne from church tower;
Rezekne St. Nicolas old-believers parish church - proud because of the biggest bell in Baltic. Also you can see icon, made in the end of 16th century, „About You I rejoice”;
Blessed Jesus Heart cathedral – the biggest church in Rezekne. Since 1995 serves as Rezekne - Aglonas diocese centre with bishop’s seat;
Farm „Untumi” not so far from Rezekne, offers to enjoy countryside resting and to ride horses. Here is the only possibility in Baltic to observe the life of storks using optical devices;
Lejas dzirnavas (Vale mill) not so far from Varaklani castle, built by Count Borhs in the end of 18th century. Here is mill’s equipment in mill’s three floors. You can see how floured in last centuries.

2 - 3 days sightseeing tours - specially organized to fulfill your wishes.