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SIGHTSEEING :: Riga City Tour

Riga City Tour - audio - guide Riga city sightseeing. Hop on hop off all day. Come and enjo sightseeing on both sides of the Daugava River in Riga on red double - decker busses. The excursion ticket is valid for 48 hours and during that time you can get on or off the bus as many times as you wish. The hop-om hop-off service offers a flexible opportunity to get to know historic and present day Ri...

SIGHTSEEING :: Lāči Bakery

Become a Baker of rye bread! Exciting enertainment and recreation possibilities in Lāči Bakery. An excellent chance to see and learn the secrets of baking real Latvian rye bread. • Bakery tour - baker expedition with the opportunity to bake your own loaf of bread or make some Lāči cookies;• Traditional Latvian style entertainment including a folk group entertainment;• ...


Entertainment | Gourmet Guide | Ciros Pomodoro

The cosmopolite restaurant „Ciros Pomodoro” will pleasantly surprise you with exlusive flavour nuances, great atmoshphere and live music. The company created by two famous families – Orsini and Cappola – is a perfect symbiosis of italian cuisine, subtle feelings and boundless energy for more than 30 years already. The restaurant in Riga is as artful and of as high a quality as „Ciros Pomodoro” is „Expect the unexpected!”

Our kitchen is open until 1 am. There are 150-200 seats at the restaurant. The price level is suitable for everyone.